The constants defined in this file change the behaviour of the framework and the application. You can change the values of the constants according to the instructions given in comments, or add new constants that you use in your application.

CODESET = 'iso-latin-1' (line 59)
DB_TYPE = "MySQL" (line 27)

this constant defines the type of DB that the application uses it can be: "MySQL", "Oracle", "ODBC", "ProgreSQL", etc.

(except "MySQL", the others are not implemented yet)

DISPLAY_CGI_VARS = false (line 49)

When this constant is true, then the CGI vars are displayed at the URL window of the browser. See also SHOW_EXTERNAL_LINK at const.Debug.php.

FIRSTPAGE = "main/main.html" (line 13)

This is the first page of the application. The framework looks for it at the template folder (specified by TPL).

LNG = 'sq_AL' (line 58)

L10N (Translation) Constants The constants LNG and CODESET set the language and codeset of the application. They are used for the localization (translation) of the messages. LNG can be something like 'en_US' or 'en' or UNDEFINED.

CODESET can be UNDEFINED, 'iso-latin-1', etc.

NULL_VALUE = "NULL" (line 34)

This constant is the value returned by the framework for a DB variable that has a NULL value. It can be "", "NULL", NULL, etc.

USES_DB = true (line 20)

if this constant is true, the framework will load the DB component

and will open a default connection with the db specified in the file 'config/const.DB.php'

USE_PHP_GETTEXT = true (line 62)

if true, then use the php-gettext instead of GNU gettext

VAR_NOT_FOUND = "{var_name}" (line 42)

This constant sets the format of the error message that is displayed when a {{variable}} is not found. 'var_name' is replaced by the actual variable name. Examples: "'var_name' is not defined", "", "undefined", etc. It cannot contain "{{var_name}}" inside.

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